15 Weeks/103 Days/ 2472 Hours Till Christmas

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Make this FRAMEWORK WORK for you!

This week is an overview of where you are and where you are headed.


1. Print the calendars. You can input the information into a digital format later or reprint them when you have it all figured out. We're just planning right now. It could get messy.

2. Sit down with your calendar and start putting in the BIG ROCKS. (Those franklin covey alum will get the reference.)

BIG ROCKS: What do you know that will FOR SURE be on your calendar? Grab your PEN.

travel/vacation birthdays traditions holiday parties recitals worship services work obligations


Double-check all the "BIG ROCKS". Has anything changed since you first learned about it? We want to get those marked in PEN.

3. SMALL ROCKS: What are some events you know you'd like to see on your calendar? Grab your PENCIL.

family photoshoot travel holiday party


Get some details on the SMALL ROCKS. Need a family photo for the Christmas card? Call a photographer and get a session scheduled. Want to resurrect the neighborhood Halloween party? Call your friends and put out feelers. Get this stuff on your radar and PENCIL it in!


Great work! Head over to our Facebook Group and let us know how it went for you. Any big challenges to pose to the group? Anything that worked really well?



We'll work on the pebbles and the sand for your calendar.

PEBBLES: Commitments that aren't necessarily time-sensitive. Gift lists, decorations, food for the parties...

SAND: Things you'd really enjoy adding. New traditions, downtime (what's that?), charity work...


Have you ever had a Christmas Command Center?

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