Nectar of the Gods

I can't really explain my love of Diet Coke. If you love a specific drink you will understand. It can't be put into words. Refreshing?...yes. Tasty?....for sure. A best friend that is always there for you in good times and in bad?.....ummm...duh!

Diet Coke was introduced in 1982 following the great success of TAB. As much as I love sugar, I've never liked sugary drinks. I remember drinking TAB in junior high as a skinny little tween. So funny. It's fuzzy when I switched to Diet Coke. Maybe I've forgotten because of all the chemicals in it, but I've been drinking it my entire adult life.

For all the avid fans and loyal patrons of Diet Coke: Whether you like it over pebble ice, from McDonalds or straight from the can, here is your standard. Raise it high!

Lest I should neglect my other addict friends, I've created a flag for you to fly as well.

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