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Tis The Season For Cuuuute! | Easy Natural Wood Ornaments for Everyone

Updated: 6 days ago

many ornaments in a box

This was such a CUTE and FUN project to make! The assignment was to make Christmas ornaments for my client's piano students. But you could replace the piano charm with anything you like! (Think sports teams, dance classes, year charms, and holiday charms for family ornaments.)

I bought these Natural Wood Ornaments and painted a black circle on them with acrylic paint and a cheap sponge brush. I will say, some of the ornaments split when the paint dried, but I liked that look so it worked for me.

The ornaments came with twine, so I used that and made a loop through the predrilled hole at the top.

I used my Silhouette Cameo 4 to cut out names and the year from Siser White Vinyl. Using my favorite transfer tape, I transferred the vinyl to the ornament at the widest part leaving room for the bow and greenery at the top.

I used 3/8" red gingham ribbon and tied a bunch of finger bows.

Next I used red thread to attach the piano charm to the bows by wrapping it around the center knot and tying a knot in the thread at the back.

Then I took some inexpensive greenery picks from Wal-Mart and cut off a two small sections per ornament.

I hot glued the two greenery sections to the top of the ornament, then hot glued the ribbon to the center of the greenery.

And you're done!

Tag me if you make your own version of this!



Silhouette Cameo 4 (or similar cutting machine)

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