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11 Weeks/76 Days/1824 Hours Till Christmas

Christmas Cards? Yes, I said Christmas Cards!

I am a self-proclaimed expert on Christmas Cards. I would even venture to say that others would dub me an expert as well. Each year I help friends and family with their cards from start to finish. I've seen it all. So believe me when I say it's NEVER TOO EARLY to start your Christmas Card List.

In the coming weeks, we'll talk about family pictures, designs and deadlines. But for this week, we're just talking about your list.

If you have a system that works for you, then by all means keep doing it! You can skip to TASK 2.

For those of you who wing it every year, I am here to share with you a tried and true system. It may seem like more work, but I PROMISE it will be so much easier down the road!

Most places that you would print your cards have the option to upload your contacts to their site. For years, I've seen people ignore this step just to have to input the addresses for labels or handwrite their cards.

This is one of the most UNDERUTILIZED services during the holiday season!

Did you know that at most places it's FREE to have them print the addresses and your return address on the envelopes? I'm telling you I can't fully describe the feeling of getting my box of cards and envelopes and turning right around and mailing them out the next day! Stuff, Seal, Stamp, Send. DONE!

This week you are going to input your Christmas Card Contacts into a spreadsheet (I'll show you how) and you will be able to use this same list for YEARS to come.

Each card site requires the information a little differently, but it's similar enough that you can make your list and adjust it for your preferred site. I have used for YEARS. I love all the cards I get from them. They are not a sponsor, they're just that great! The spreadsheets below are formatted for use on their website.


A. If you would like to input each contact by hand, then download this spreadsheet (Numbers for MAC and Excel for PC) and go for it!

Chrismtas List MAC
Download NUMBERS • 169KB

Chrismtas List PC
Download XLSX • 8KB

B. For MAC users...if you have all your contacts in your contacts app and would like to turn those into a spreadsheet, I explain how to do that in this Step-by-Step Guide.


Whatever your preferred method of gathering addresses is, you need to compile the list now.

  1. Update the people on your list. There are always at least a few changes each year. Add and delete people as needed.

  2. Ask for missing addresses. I prefer to use Facebook Messenger for this. Whatever way you like to communicate, ask for those missing addresses.

  3. You've made your list, now check it twice!

You can then pat yourself on the back for a job well done! You have mastered the Christmas Card list! No more scrambling in December to find Great Aunt Mildred's new retirement home address. It's just ONE MORE THING you won't be stressing about in December.

You're Welcome.


Head on over to our Facebook Group and tell us your best Christmas Card advice! You may find some great ideas from our other members or be the inspiration that someone else needs!


Helpful Hint: If you missed a post, you can find them all on my BLOG.


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Thanks for the reminder! I don't usually do this until I start to feel some pressure of the upcoming holidays. I have prepared both my card and gift lists! Whew! One less thing to worry about.

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