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14 Weeks/96 Days/ 2304 Hours Till Christmas

Make this FRAMEWORK WORK for you!

This week is an overview of where you are and where you are headed.



1. Print the calendars. You can input the information into a digital format later or reprint them when you have it all figured out. We're just planning right now. It could get messy.

2. Sit down with your calendar and start putting in the BIG ROCKS.

(Those franklin covey alum will get the reference.)

BIG ROCKS: What do you know that will FOR SURE be on your calendar? Grab your PEN.

travel/vacation birthdays traditions holiday parties recitals worship services work obligations


Double-check all the "BIG ROCKS". Has anything changed since you first learned about it? We want to get those marked in PEN.

3. SMALL ROCKS: What are some events you know you'd like to see on your calendar? Grab your PENCIL.

family photoshoot travel holiday party


Get some details on the SMALL ROCKS. Need a family photo for the Christmas card?

Call a photographer and get a session scheduled. Want to resurrect the neighborhood Halloween party? Call your friends and put out feelers. Get this stuff on your radar and PENCIL it in!


Empty-headed. Nothing going on upstairs. This is a good thing! Did you know your brain is the WORST place to store information? It reminds you of things at the WORST times. And never when you need it!

This is why experts suggest doing a "brain dump" every once in a while. Sit down for what's called a "30 in 30".

1. Grab a pen and paper. Write down at least 30 ideas and/or thoughts in 30 minutes.

Start by focusing on a topic like Christmas or the Holidays and you will be SURPRISED by all that was on your mind!

The key now is to put those thoughts into a system of some kind. If you have something that works for you, keep doing it! If you need help, here's what I suggest:

2. Create a Christmas Command Center.

Don't panic. I don't want you to be overwhelmed by this, but it is more significant than just a list on your phone. You need to create a space for gathering things. Presents, cards, wrapping supplies, lists, and calendars. Nothing major. Just part of a closet, a cupboard in the kitchen, a shelf in the garage... You get the idea. The more you can gather in one spot, the easier it will be for you to complete tasks and stay ON TOP OF the holidays! Don't be afraid to move some things for a few months to make these supplies more accessible.