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4 Weeks/27 Days/648 Hours Till Christmas

We are in it now!!!!! November is changing into December and we are seeing the benefits of all our hard work these past few months. I look forward to December and Christmas getting closer when I am prepared!

We have a long standing tradition in our family. Every December 1st we watch the movie DIE HARD to officially usher in the holiday season. (Yes, it's a Christmas movie and you won't convince me otherwise.) This year we are so prepared and excited for the holidays that we just couldn't wait for Dec 1. We watched it last week and have not stopped with the Christmas movies since.

This week is a vital step in creating a stress-free December. Next week we are delivering everything, so we need to make sure there is something to deliver.


1. Order your Christmas Cards. You've already prepped your Christmas Card List, so you know how many cards you need to order. There are sooooooooooooooooo many places to order your cards from and they're all super easy. Pick a template, add your photos and a message and just like that, you're done!

Many places are now offering an address printing service for free. You upload your contacts into their system, and they will print them on the envelopes for you. If you are looking for a recommendation, I use a company called Basic Invite. (They are not a sponsor. They're just really great!)

2. Wrap your gifts. This is a must for gifts that are being shipped out.

Wrapping gifts can be an overwhelming task when saved to the end. Do yourself a favor and wrap everything you've already purchased and then stay on top of it by wrapping as you bring new gifts home. You'll thank yourself when you're tucked in your nice warm bed Christmas Eve instead of frantically trying to get ready for the morning.

3. Finalize your neighbor gifts. You should have already decided what you're giving and printed the tags for it. This week you are pulling all the pieces together so you're ready for next week.


Head on over to our Facebook Group and let us know what Christmas Movies you're watching this year. You may find some great ideas from our other members or be the inspiration that someone else needs!



Delivery! Post office, UPS and door-to-door.

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I'm so excited to be at the point where I put together my neighbor gifts! I didn't want to do it too early so the tags wouldn't get smashed.

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