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5 Weeks/34 Days/816 Hours Till Christmas

It's THANKSGIVING WEEK! I hope that means you're enjoying some much deserved family time. If you're a retail family like mine, Thanksgiving is the blessed calm before the storm that is......BLACK FRIDAY!!


  • (If you haven't already) Take a family photo. Last chance before we order Christmas Cards next week.

  • Finalize your gift list. This weekend there are PLENTY of sales to help you meet your budget. Most stores have already started their Black Friday deals. It's a much better situation than in years past.


THURSDAY: Thanksgiving. Enjoy the downtime with family. Turkey bowls, board games, football on TV, food and naps!

FRIDAY: Black Friday. Hit those sales. Some of you like to be in the stores and some of you are online shoppers. Most retailers have something for everyone this year.

SATURDAY: Small Business Saturday. As a small business, I LOVE this day! We all just hit the big box stores yesterday for unbelievable deals on mass produced items. Today is a day to appreciate and patronize a small business. Post about it. Tag the business. We are so appreciative of EVERY SINGLE ORDER.

MONDAY: Cyber Monday. I know we're sneaking into next week, but this is really part of this week's plan. It used to be such a big deal that we could shop online. This day was "Black Friday deals" for the at home shopper. Now that we can get those deals ON Black Friday, I'm not sure what Cyber Monday will be offering. It'll be fun to find out!

TUESDAY: Giving Tuesday. We've run the gamut this week for sure! Thankful, shopping, promoting, shopping, and now back to thankful. Today is a day to channel our inner Thanksgiving self and put our money where our mouth is. Donate time, money, influence or resources to someone in need. It will look different for everyone, so ponder what YOU can do. There's no better feeling than serving someone else. That's the feeling we want to take into December.

This is the PERFECT TIME to clear out toys, books, electronics, etc to make room for what you'll be giving on Christmas. You may just make someone's day when they find the perfect gift from your donation.


Head on over to our Facebook Group and share your favorite small business! We want to support each other! You may find some great ideas from our other members or be the inspiration that someone else needs!



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I can't believe it's Thanksgiving already! Thanks for reminding us each week how close we are to Christmas, otherwise, it's amazing what a surprise it can be!

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