I Can't Be the Only One Excited for the Holidays!

Welcome to the 101 Days Till Christmas Countdown Extravaganza!

I am THRILLED that you are here! Seriously, you made my day!

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of how hard everything has been. I need something to celebrate and I'm determined that this year's holidays are it. So let's do this together and have a year to remember but in a good way!

First, I want to give you the calendars.

The Holiday Framework Calendars

The National Days Calendars

The Blank Calendars

These are pretty self-explanatory, but I want you to pay particular attention to The Holiday Framework Calendar. It lays out the plan to tackle all the holiday tasks starting NOW so we aren't crazy people come December. If you find yourself asking, "why are we doing this so early?" Then this calendar is for YOU!

It's broken down into manageable weekly topics.


You will receive a weekly email with tasks and reminders for that week. It will also have tips, freebies, links, and solutions to help you get those tasks done. And here's something I've been saving for today...

I've created a Facebook Group specifically for us!

101 Days Till Christmas Countdown Extravaganza

Not only will you get ideas and help from me, but we can all help each other! All the files, coupon codes, ideas, and more will be in our Facebook Group.

Take a minute to join right now. This is going to be so fun!

Other perks you will get are:

-10% off everything in my shop (and some partner shops to come!) every time you shop. PROMO CODE: IMAFRIEND

-Exclusive deep discounts on featured weekly products.

-Automatic entry into our weekly giveaways.

-Access to exclusive blog content.

-Fun surprises throughout the rest of the year

Watch your inbox for your first weekly email!

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