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6 Weeks/41 Days/984 Hours Till Christmas

Did your heart beat a little faster when you read that? It's only 6 weeks till Christmas!

For the past two months, I've been posting easy, weekly assignments to help take the load off of you during December.

If you've been keeping up, good for you! Your assignment this week is simple:


Clean and prep for Thanksgiving. Beat the rush at Costco, get the stain out of that tablecloth, make those origami turkeys you've always wanted to try. This is your week! You own it!

If you have not been keeping up, then your assignment is to play catch-up. Remember, I didn't give you additional tasks these last two months, I just spread them out to lessen your stress and help you enjoy December. It's still do-able. Just at a faster pace!


Read through my previous blog posts and see what you can tackle this week.

You've got this! I believe in you! You can still have a stress-free December!


Head on over to our Facebook Group and share you accomplishments! We're here to cheer you on! You may find some great ideas from our other members or be the inspiration that someone else needs!



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1 Yorum

It was nice to see the list of tasks you've already blogged about, to review and make sure I haven't missed anything. So far, so good!

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